at T.O. Jam #5

"Jammin' on Campus"

TOJam is an annual 3 day indie game jam held in Toronto with the goal of creating a game in 3 days. I've got friends who attend every year and I had so much fun last year I had to return. Truly one of the highlights of the year for me.

bignobody invades TOJam #5
On Friday April 23rd 2010, I packed up a laptop, some hardware and 2 changes of clothes and headed to the train station.

"The Arrival"

The Jam actually got underway at 10:00 am for early arrivals, but living outside of Toronto and being reliant on public transit meant not getting there until early afternoon. That's fine though, as early arrival was limited this year. I was set up and working by 3 pm.

Arriving in Toronto by GO Train
Yep, there's that big towery thing again.

From Toronto's Union Station it was a short walk up Bay Street to King Street and then over a couple of blocks to Sherbourne. Convenient!

I can't believe you like money too. We should hang out.
Bay street towers. People who like money work there and do stuff with money. I like money, but not that much.

Inside the Autodesk building, second floor. This is the place! TO Jam is about making games, not signs!
Ah, good ol' Em, Jim or Rob.

Video log #1

"It begins..."

I set up my laptop and gear quickly, then headed to the nearby market to load up on cola and vegetable samosas. I then settled in and began working on my game, Kairos Mend.

This year's Theme is "Missing", and as always interpret that as you will. For my game, you play as a Scientist with super-spring boots who's crashed his time machine and must retrieve all the missing parts.

About 8 pm or so Jim, Em and Rob gave the official welcome.

Jim Rob Em. Ha ha! That's like Jim's a theif!
Keeping it short and keeping it real.

After the speeches and thank you for commings, thank you sponsors, it was back to work! I powered through until about 4:30 am, at which point I crashed out on the floor for about 2 hours of poor quality sleep.

I powered through Saturday and crashed again about the same time (4am-ish). Slept for about 3 hours. Got back up and worked until the end. Good times.

Video log #2

"Good times"

Kairos Mend definitely need some polishing before the TOJam Arcade, but you can try it out here: Kairos Mend

This year's Jam was an incredible experience, and I'd like to express my gratitude to the event organizers and sponsors.


"Addendum: Raw Data"

I keep a text file open during the Jam where I mark the time and mention events. It's pretty much just intended for me, but I thought it might be fun to share this year. Just a warning, it might not make sense, might contain profanities and/or inanities. If you don't think you can handle that, just don't look.

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