Kairos Mend

V1.04 - TOJam Arcade Version plus a few hours
Arrow keys to move (left, right, up, left+up, right+up).
X to shoot.
H for Homing View (helps you locate pieces if you can't find any)

The Movement Controls take a little getting used to:

The idea is that the Spring Boots build up energy as you move, so the longer you hold down the movement keys, the faster and higher you go. When you release the keys, this energy will disperse over a few moments.

Try tapping the movement keys if you only want to move in small increments.

You can wall jump, but you need to have some horizontal momentum to do so (ie: you cannot do a vertical jump and then wall jump).

pixelstarch.com Known Issues:
It is possible that a Neanderthal carrying a piece or a piece get out of bounds, or deeply stuck in a rock where you can't reach it.

If this happens to you, DON'T PANIC:
Hit X to shoot and then F12 quickly. This will make any Neaderthals drop what they are carrying and reset each piece to it's original location.

bignobody - concept and design, programming, art, sound and music.
Acadian Siren - sexy computer voice

Special Thanks to Alex Bethke of Golden Gears for providing some raw sound effects (which I then modified).
A few tips:
  • Tap the movement keys, don't hold them down (unless you're going for big jumps).
  • Wall jumps are possible unless there is no horizontal movement (ie: you can't wall jump if you jump straight up).

V1.02 - Added preloader, some tile map adjustments and more AI improvements (though it still has a long way to go...)
V1.01 - Less than 1 hour of effort to fix the game breaking bugs. AI does more but still broken in a lot of ways (and still cannot hurt you).
TOJam version - still buggy and unstable. There is no preloader, so you might have to wait a bit. The broken things first:
  • It is possible to jump off the map, and there's no way back.
  • AI is rudimentary and broken. The enemies can't actually hurt you.
  • You shouldn't be able to collide with the Time Machine's hull, but currently you do and can sometimes knock it out of place compared to the other repaired parts. This doesn't prevent you from completing, just looks bad.

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